Feeling victorious! Gotta remember this moment because it's pretty significant to me. Yesterday, I made my first "How To" video on YouTube. I had woken up with an epiphany about doing my first Tips video on the essence of the business I'm trying to start: storytelling. And let me tell you, the whole thing was like an out of body experience. (I know, I'm dramatic but I sincerely felt this way.) I felt so confident - you'll easily be able to tell if you compared this video with my vlog videos. It was the first time that I created something to help someone else using only what I know in my head - no Google, no research. Just me and what I know based on my experiences. Well, this morning, I stumbled upon a video of Ira Glass, a king in the art of storytelling, talking about the basic building blocks of a good story and guessssss what... They were the SAME building blocks that I had talked about in my video! 😁 Do you know how cool it is to have the same conclusions as a renowned professional in the industry I'm trying to start my business in? Like here I am thinking I'm a newbie who has no idea what she's doing. But dude, clearly I'm on to something! I get it! I get this. This is my thing and it feels amazing to have finally discovered my calling. 😄 Note to self: Instagram is a visual medium. Ain't nobody gonna read this. Start a blog already silly. 😛・・・ : : : #entrepreneur #startup #business #epiphany #YouTube #blog

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