My First "Digital Media and Personal Branding for Teens" Class

Sharespark Heather Ramirez Digital Media and Personal Branding for Teens

Yesterday, I hosted my first class on “Digital Media and Personal Branding for Teens” and I had the pleasure of speaking to the students in the Volunteer Center’s VIVA program. Awesome to do my first class at my old stomping grounds and even more awesome how many lightbulb moments the kids had. They were so engaged and the questions they were asking just reinforced my mission towards digital literacy.

“What’s a brand?”
It’s what makes you, you.

“But, what’s MY personal brand?”
You tell me!

“LinkedIn? Oh my mom uses that!”
Make your profile tonight and add all of the volunteering you’ve done.

“What’s an algorithm?”
Social media platforms use algorithms to determine what content shows up in your feeds.

“And what’s a cookie?”

Cookies store info about your activity online which is often sent to the companies of the websites you visit. Disable your browser cookie use and Facebook won’t work.

I could tell that they were starting to understand the content but they were still having difficulty realizing that they could start building a personal brand NOW. So, I had them make media of course! Students split into groups based on similar personal brand interests and they worked together to create tutorial type videos on a particular subject. And I was SO IMPRESSED by the results. One group had “travel” as their common interest so they made a video on “How to take a trip to New York.” They talked about what to pack, what to bring on the plane ride, and places to visit in the city. Other videos included: “5 Ways to Stay Happy,” “Benefits of Yoga,” and “What Makes a Good Basketball Player.” They made these videos in 10 minutes and they came out FANTASTIC!!

So can I just take a second to reiterate my mission: WHO IS TEACHING TEENS ABOUT PERSONAL BRANDING ON DIGITAL MEDIA?! No one! The kids were clueless and they were made up of students from different grades and different schools. Think about it. I can GUARANTEE you that the day college applications have a new field for “Personal Website URL” or “Social Media URL” is coming. In fact, it’s already here for MANY job applications. This is the mission of @Sharesparkmedia. Please, help me help youth and so many others in learning how to utilize digital media to achieve meaningful goals by donating via GoFundMe. Any amount will help! Thank you! Also, the first issue of our newsletter is coming out soon! Sign up here: