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There are two things that my dad has taught me that have really stuck with me. The first is dedication. My dad is straight up the most dedicated person I know. No matter what, he will go above and beyond to be the best at whatever he has set himself out to be: a father, a husband, an engineer, a friend. All without a single complaint and full of jokes and laughter. This can also lead to him being stubborn lol. But my tendency to go all-in on something that I’ve set my mind on? I definitely get that from my dad. The second is to make the most of whatever cards you have been dealt. It’s easy to take everything for granted. I was born in America - this is all I know. My dad though? He’ll tell me stories of his life in the Philippines, like how he barely weighed 100 lbs in high school because there wasn’t enough food to eat. I vividly remember the first time he came to visit me when I was at UC Irvine. I took him to our dorm’s cafeteria and he was overcome by tears at the abundance, the availability, and the variety of food that was so easily accessible to us. When I first told him about starting @sharesparkmedia, there was only one thing he had to say, “This is America, anything is possible here.” Despite having so little, my dad has accomplished so much and I have more than he ever could have. I can do this. Happy Father’s Day Dad! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨🏽❤️ Also, I still beat you, even it was just by 3 points. 😂

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