AND THE TIME HAS COME!! 😁 I am super happy and proud (and nervous lol) to announce that @sharesparkmedia is in BETA, which means all of you guys who have been following me since Day 1 can check it out! SHARESPARK is the online movement to promote digital literacy by empowering people to utilize digital media to achieve meaningful goals. I'm passionate about this more than anything and I'm so excited to start helping people harness the power of media to do awesome things. A big component of Sharespark is getting you to move from being a media consumer to a media creator. This will help you learn how to interpret media and understand its impact in our society. How can you help? JOIN THE MOVEMENT. Every Monday, Sharespark will be hosting the #MAKEITMONDAY challenge where you can create a specific media piece about a given topic. Upload it, share it, use the hashtags, and be eligible to win a prize! Also, support @sharesparkmedia by donating through #GoFundMe, link is in bio! Any amount would help!! . Digital media and communication technology are here to stay. They will continue to evolve rapidly and connect us in ways we can't yet imagine. Every single day, there's a huge development in the social media industry and I believe that everyone, not just social media marketers, should know how to use digital media to achieve meaningful goals. . Also, a big thanks to so many of you who have supported me in making this leap. It's been the scariest thing I've ever done but also the most fulfilling and I definitely could not have done it without the encouragement and help from so many of you! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!! ❤️ . . . #entrepreneur #startup #business #blog #sharespark #launch #beta #baby #socialmedia #digitalliteracy

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