Sharespark is in ALPHA!

We all have a story to share and this one is mine. I am very proud to say that today, Sharespark is officially in Alpha phase! I would have never thought that this is where things would end up when I quit my full-time job back in February. Looking back, I can see how everything in my life has led to this project and I’m so blessed to be able to say that I have discovered my purpose.

Additionally, I know I wouldn’t have realized this potential in myself if not for the people I’ve had the privilege to meet. I am so thankful to everyone who supported me, provided me with the opportunity to explore my passion, and encouraged me along the way. 

Whatever the outcome, just taking the first step in trying to start my own company has probably been the greatest victory of my life. So whether the company succeeds or fails, I’ve already won because I’m damn proud of myself for taking the leap.

It’s time for me to do what I can to tackle these very important issues in our society: promoting digital literacy and helping people understand the impact of digital media in our society. 

The prologue is over. Let the first chapter begin!
To Sharespark! Here we go! :D