Sharespark v. 1

My original vision of Sharespark only targeted youth but the more I talked to people about the idea, the more I realized that people of all ages needed the info. Here's what I wrote for the very first page of this website.


This was my first pitch video of Sharespark back in April when I was only planning to focus on youth.


Sharespark is the movement for youth to embrace the internet and social media as tools to help them achieve their goals. It is the force that will push youth from being consumers of digital content behind their devices to creators and masters of media. It is the shift that will help youth emerge alongside the evolution of communication technology so that they can succeed in an ever digitally connected world.

EDUCATE - Educating youth about communicating digitally, personal branding, managing an online reputation, trends in social media, and navigating the internet to achieve goals.

EMPOWER - Empowering youth to tell a story, measure the impact of different media, and convey a message through an electronic device to a target audience.

ELEVATE - Elevating confidence so youth recognize their potential and embrace who they are.

EXPLORE - Providing a platform where youth can connect to explore different ideas and perspectives.

EMERGE - Preparing youth to emerge as leaders and creators of media in a digital world.