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Share your story. Spark your potential.

Share your story. Spark your potential. Sharespark is a movement towards digital literacy so that you can harness the power of media to achieve meaningful goals.

The Zuckerberg Way

The rise of digital media has brought about a new renaissance period. Never has it been easier to learn something new, switch careers, or start your own business. With that said, I think we'll see a lot more entrepreneurs in the next generation. They think differently. If they don't know something, they find the answer because they can. As for digital literacy, it won't be an advantage. It will be an expectation. If you're a teen and what to learn how to utilize digital media to achieve meaningful goals, message me! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ 

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Thomas Petrou of Petrou TV!

So excited for the next@Sharesparkmedia MAKE IT MONDAY show because Iโ€™ll be joined by Thomas Petrou of @PetrouTV, an 18 year old vlogger who has been vlogging every day since January 1st! Thomas originally started vlogging to document the college application process and share his passion for fitness. He was accepted into NYU as an engineering major but is now pursuing filmmaking full time. Check out his daily vlogs on YouTube and tune in this Monday at 6pm on Facebook Live!

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