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We're super excited to announce the new Sharespark Media Hub! The Hub is an online school to help you learn how to use digital media to share your story and spark your potential. We are working on several other classes so sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates!


What is #Sharespark?


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The internet and digital media have completely changed the way we live and do business... 

But are you using the power of digital media to achieve meaningful goals in your life right now? 

Digital Divide: We are witnessing a significant time in human history where a generation that lived without the internet co-exists with another generation that consumes media every single day. 

Digital Gap: The gap is no longer between who has access to the internet and who does not. Instead, the gap lies between content consumers and content creators - those who understand how to interpret media and those who do not.

SHARESPARK is a movement empowering people to harness the power of digital media to achieve meaningful goals. It is the force that will push consumers of digital content to become creators and masters of media. It is the shift to help you emerge alongside the evolution of communication technology and succeed in an ever digitally connected world.

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