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My goal is to help you learn how you can create new media so you can share your story and spark your potential. I'm based in the Greater Coachella Valley (Indio, CA) but I'm happy to connect online as well! If you think I can help you somehow, send me an email at heather@sharesparkmedia.com or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Sponsor a vlog

There are a few ways that you can sponsor a future vlog. Sponsored vlogs are posted on both my YouTube channel and Facebook page. I also create clips for Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and my newsletter. All of my vlogs are optimized for search engines. 

A basic sponsorship includes a shoutout at the beginning and end of a video, your info and contact information in the video description, and corresponding tags on social media. You can sponsor one video or a set of videos, all of which will be associated with your online brand.

A product sponsorship includes a vlog dedicated to your product in the form of a review, unboxing, or test. Includes basic sponsorship.

A showcase sponsorship includes a vlog that focuses on featuring you or your organization. I like to do these in person so you need to be local or willing to transport me. I specialize in sharing stories in a unique, interesting way that allows viewers to understand the person or people behind a brand. Includes basic sponsorship.

I believe that everyone has a captivating story to share but I always want to keep my audience in mind. I like to highlight creators, entrepreneurs, and companies that are doing things differently, that have created something from nothing, and that believe in making a positive impact. 

Here are a few features I've done.

group trainings

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Does your group need help with digital media and online video? There are a few ways that I can help! Here are the topics I can speak about:

YouTube | Online Video | Live Streaming | Video Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Vlogging | Online Branding | Personal Branding | Social Media 101 | Digital Content Creating for Students

Speaking - I can do a brief overview of a certain topic or talk about how I share my story through online video with your group. These are one-time talks under an hour. 

Workshop - For groups that want a more comprehensive training about a topic. These are between 1-3 hours. 

Series - I can also do a series of workshops to give your group a more intensive, in-depth training about a topic. 

A one-on-one coaching session is completely catered to YOUR goals, your ideas, and your channel. Maybe you already know how to edit videos or maybe you have an existing channel. I'll help you learn the skills you need and develop a content strategy so you can effectively create content and grow your channel. These can be done in person or via Skype/Google Hangout.

I helped my friend James create and build his YouTube channel. Now, he's surpassed me in subscribers and channel views! 

James Le on YouTube

"I guess you could say I was a passive user when it came to digital and social media. It wasn’t until Heather and Sharespark Media opened my eyes to all of the untapped potential that I was holding onto. Through Sharespark Media, I learned how to stay ahead of all of the new updates to social media. I learned how to create a video, edit it, and optimize it so friends and complete strangers can watch me eat or cook on ‪#‎YouTube‬. I learned how to hear or watch myself on camera without cringing.

But the greatest benefit I have found is this surge of creative energy in my life now. My confidence has also increased—I am no longer afraid of putting myself out there. It is more than learning these new skills and concepts with technology—that will always be around. Heather and Sharespark Media helped me realize that we can all be creators of digital media to share what’s most important to us with the world."

Having trouble building an online presence and consistently sharing content on social media? Being active on social media platforms has been proven to help your bottom line, even if the ROI is not immediate. By sharing relevant content regularly, you're cultivating relationships with your current and prospective audience and you're staying top of mind. Your business, brand, or organization already has an abundance of content to post but often times, managing social media ends up getting buried under the other million things that have to get done. So let me help you! As your social media content manager, I'll work with you to create a social media strategy and share content on your accounts for you. 

Social Media Content Management

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