Frequently Asked Questions

Written by Heather Ramirez. Updated May 22, 2016.

What exactly is your product/service?

Sharespark is an online movement that focuses on fostering digital literacy, encouraging positive content creation, and promoting meaningful collaboration using new media. Sharespark is made up of this website, a YouTube channel, an Instagram, a Twitter, a Facebook page, and an e-newsletter... for now. 

How are you going to make money?

Ads, sponsorships, native advertising, and merchandise. 

What do you need?

Visit the Support page.

Are you a nonprofit?

Although I describe Sharespark as a movement, it is not a nonprofit organization. I've started a nonprofit organization before and everything is just so... slow. There are a lot of restrictions and certain ways that things need to be done. With digital media evolving as quickly as it is, I felt that creating a company would be the best way to keep up.

What are you not? 

Sharespark is not an app, it's not a program, it's not a platform. Digital media is already evolving so quickly as it is. The last thing I need to do is contribute with another new thing. Sharespark is about navigating new media that already exists USING new media that already exists. 

What about online safety and cyber bullying?

These are extremely important issues that I do not take lightly and while they can be avoided by restricting internet use, I feel that users are would have more to gain by knowing how to use digital media thoughtfully and responsibly. 

How are you going to monetize? 

See above :)

How about avoiding social media altogether? 

You, as an adult, might be able to get by without social media. However, we're at the point where no one would go to a restaurant if that restaurant wasn't on Yelp. Just like restaurants and businesses lack credibility without Yelp (and other social media channels), it will soon be the same for personal branding. 

What if a kid receives a bad comment?

We talk about it. We do a video on it: what do you do when you receive a bad comment? Several YouTube celebrities address receiving bad comments in their videos already. It's definitely something that will happen but again, it shouldn't prevent someone from using digital media to achieve a goal.

Why don't you host classes for kids on how to make new media?

Kids don't want to take a class, let's be honest. Plus, digital literacy isn't something they realize they need a class for. What should really happen is that schools incorporate digital literacy as part of their academic curriculum. We already communicate and connect daily through digital media, so why isn't it being taught in our schools?

Why don't you set up a learning center?

My goal is impact. The internet has the largest opportunity for impacting the most amount of people. Furthermore, all of you are consuming media at insane rates. Snapchat went from 2 billion daily video views to 10 billion daily video views in ONE year. The average american checks their smart phone 48 times a day. Adults watch an hour and 16 minutes of video every day. Because all of this digital media info and activity is happening at rapid rates, the most effective way to reach you would be to be where you already are: in your email, in your Facebook news feed, and Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

What differentiates your product/service?  

Sharespark isn't about me. It's about you, your kid, your family member, your friend, your business partner, etc. It's about the future that you will be living and working in. Again, this isn't about me. I'm already on the other side. This is about creating something that encourages digital consumers to become digital creators. Creating and sharing media is the best way for someone to become digitally literate and understand the impact of new media. It's how I did it. 

How are you going to cash in? 

See above -_-

No but seriously...

IMPACT VS. INCOME. Watch this.