Should you Upload your Video to YouTube or Facebook?

The average viewer now watches 1 hour 15 minutes of digital video per day, a number that will grow.
-Robert Kyncl, chief business officer of YouTube

If you are a small business or nonprofit and you’ve recorded a video that you want to share on social media, should you upload your video to YouTube or Facebook

The answer is… BOTH! 

Of course, depending on what your social media marketing goals are, you can choose one over the other. However, there are strong cases to take the extra 5 minutes and upload to both YouTube and Facebook. 


  • YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world, right behind Google. So if someone were to Google something related to the content in your video, you’re more likely to pop up in the Google search results. 
  • YouTube makes it really easy to embed videos into websites and emails .
  • YouTube is inherently a video-based social network so it’s made for uploading and sharing videos. There are numerous options and features available on YouTube that Facebook doesn’t have. 


  • If your target audience is frequently on Facebook, they’re more likely to see your video since they probably spend more time checking their Facebook news feeds over YouTube. 
  • Videos uploaded to Facebook play automatically by default in the news feed. This makes it easier for a user to keep watching your video as they are scrolling through content. 

Also, videos filmed and edited on your smartphones can have the same impact as ones that are more professionally done. The success of Snapchat proves this (Snapchat’s daily video views went from 2 billion to 10 BILLION IN ONE YEAR). Snapchat is essentially a video based social network but videos are raw and unedited. 

So, if you’re considering videos as part of your marketing strategy, it’s definitely worth it but make sure to upload to both YouTube and Facebook to maximize your potential reach.