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Share your story. Spark your potential.

Share your story. Spark your potential. Sharespark is a movement towards digital literacy so that you can harness the power of media to achieve meaningful goals.

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Sharespark TV breaks down the impact of digital media in news, pop culture, and the world around you.

The goal of Sharespark TV is to share a digitally literate perspective.
This will allow our viewers to create and consume digital media positively and productively.
The show was created in September 2017 by hosts Heather Ramirez and Tom Buck.

While doing marketing & communications at a school for grades 6-12, Heather Ramirez recognized a divide between those who understood how to use digital media tools to connect and communicate and those who did not. She saw that digital literacy was key for success in an ever digitally connected world. In April 2016, she quit her job to start Sharespark Media, a movement to educate and empower people to utilize digital media to achieve meaningful goals. She also created a YouTube channel called HeatherJustCreate in order to document her entrepreneurial journey and demonstrate the potential of digital media.

Tom Buck teaches Digital Media Production in a high school Career Technical Education Pathway where his goal is to empower students through digital literacy as they learn to express themselves and find their creative voices. Tom’s own background includes a lifelong passion for and love of the arts, creativity, media, and many other nerdy hobbies. In 2017, Tom created his own Youtube channel, The Enthusiasm Project to explore and share his passions while also encouraging others to embrace their creativity and interests.

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Sharespark TV broadcasts live to Facebook every Tuesday and Thursday at 8PM, PST. Replays are uploaded to YouTube every Wednesday and Friday. Sharespark TV is also available as a podcast.

Sharespark TV is a program of Sharespark Media.
Sharespark. Share your story. Spark your potential.