What is Sharespark?

The internet and digital media have completely changed the way we live and do business... But are you using the power of digital media to achieve meaningful goals in your life right now?

SHARESPARK is a movement empowering people to harness the power of digital media to achieve meaningful goals. It is the force that will push consumers of digital content to become creators and masters of media. It is the shift to help you emerge alongside the evolution of communication technology and succeed in an ever digitally connected world.

  • Digital Revolution: We are witnessing a significant time in human history where a generation that lived without the internet co-exists with another that consumes it every single day. However, the fact is that we will never again live in a time without the internet and as we move forward, technology will continue to connect us in ways we do not yet understand.
  • Digital Divide: The gap is no longer between who has access to the internet and who does not. Instead, the gap lies between content consumers and content creators - those who understand how to interpret media and those who do not. At the root of this divide are generational differences in culture and communication.
  • Share Your Story: Everyone has a story to share but it can be difficult to realize when news feeds are saturated with meaningless content. We empower people to create positive, valuable, authentic, and productive content. 
  • Spark Your Potential: No matter what your personal or professional goal, media can help you achieve it. The potential for one to learn, connect, grow, collaborate, discover, build, and explore using the internet and digital technology is unparalleled. So get with it!

Through a website, YouTube videos, social media channels, and a newsletter, Sharespark will educate people about effectively utilizing digital media to communicate, connect, and collaborate with a target audience. Topics will include: digital and media literacy, online reputation, technology, personal branding, communication, and storytelling.

Content will benefit a broad demographic - anyone who recognizes the potential of digital media as a valuable resource for accomplishing something
Examples include:
-Applying for a job or internship
-Showcasing a talent
-Fundraising for a cause
-Discovering and pursuing a passion
-Learning a new skill
-Promoting your business
-Starting a new business
-Connecting with a community of like-minded people

However, the real movement happens on #MAKEITMONDAY when users are encouraged to become content creators. Creating and producing media is the most effective way to understand the concepts surrounding digital communication. Every Monday, Sharespark will host a community challenge to create a media piece on a particular topic so that content is positive, meaningful, and productive. Upload it, share it, and use the hashtag for a chance to be featured. You might also win a prize!

Our Vision

A world where people embrace the role of new media in our society, utilize new media to share stories, and harness the power of new media to spark one's potential. 

Topics We Cover

Digital and Media Literacy - Social Media - Digital Technology - Photos - Videos - Personal Branding - Online Reputation - Podcasts - Communication - Storytelling - Apps - Websites - Trends

Meet the Sharespark Team :)

Christopher Kent, Intern
Brandon Smith, Guest Blogger


About the Founder, Heather Ramirez

Back in April, I took the leap into entrepreneurship with the intention of becoming a social media marketing consultant. However, as my knowledge of the industry developed, I become increasingly aware of a gap between those who understood how to interpret digital media and those who did not; those who understood the potential of utilizing digital media in furthering one’s goals and those who did not. I realized that my understanding was a result of being a marketer and media creator.

I began to wonder why the news, trends, and analysis of the industry were easily accessible to me as a marketer yet so much of the information would be helpful and relevant to anyone who uses digital media. This was especially clear to me in youth whose only experience with digital media is purely social. If we expect the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, and workforce to be prepared for the world that they will live and work in, then why isn’t digital media literacy being taught in schools? Who is pushing youth to actually create and interpret media so that they can understand how to harness its power to achieve meaningful goals? 

Furthermore, many adults have felt frustrated in trying to keep up with the evolution of technology and social media. New media has made a significant impact in the way we live, work, learn, connect, and communicate and I believe that digital literacy should be a core competency of any citizen living in the 21st century. 

For most people, they remain consumers - you are a metric in the success or failure of companies' creative marketing efforts. But YOU can start using digital media to achieve YOUR personal and professional goals right now by using the technology that exists today!

This is the vision behind Sharespark. 
Sharespark. Share your story. Spark your potential.

Sharing stories is one of the mantras of Sharespark because everyone has a story to share. The founding of Sharespark is my story. Follow my journey here and watch my first video!

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